Wednesday, 18 February 2009


How busy can one person be? I haven't had the chance to blog all week and feel sooo guilty! But I am back now and glad to be. Colette is away on a short Holiday this week, visiting her Brother Dave who lives in London. I know she will be having an amazing time and her trip is the inspiration for today's card!

Dave managed to get them tickets for 'Dancing on Ice' one of Colette's favourite shows, and this was the reason I chose Magnolias 'Skating Tilda' for my card.

She looks so graceful and super cute. I decided to put her in the 'spotlight' (which i made from a scrap of white card and cut to the right size), and sparkled her up - in true Star Skater Style!

Hopefully I will be back later today with more, until then Thanks for looking, Katie.

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The twins mum said...

Great card love the image tttoooo cute